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Eminem Opens Up About Being Famous Amid Addiction

“I remember when I first got sober and all the s— was out of my system, I remember just being, like, really happy and everything was f—g new to me again,” he said about making the album. “It was the first album and the first time that I had fun recording in a long time.” Eminem’s near-fatal drug overdose in 2007 was a wake-up call that not only inspired him to get sober, but pushed him to have “fun with music again” for the first time in years. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), people with mental health disorders are more likely to live with an alcohol or substance use disorder. If addiction is something you or a loved one struggles with, you can find resources from SAMHSA here. The rapper, 47, announced he’s 12 years sober on Instagram and shared a photo of his sobriety chip.

how long has eminem been sober

The American rapper, born Marshall Mathers, shared the achievement to his social media channels on April 20 — which, ironically, also happens to be considered the unofficial cannabis celebration day. “It’s easy to understand how people replace addiction with exercise,” he added. “I’ve realized that the way I am helps with the music. Sporadic thoughts will pop into my head, and I’ll have to go write something down, and the next thing you know I’ve written a whole song in an hour,” he shared.

Eminem Details His Recovery from Near-Fatal Overdose, Says He Took ’75-80′ Valium a Night During Detox

Eminem acknowledges having what he calls an addict’s brain, so he thinks of it as having replaced one addiction with another, healthier one. In the 2012 documentary How to Make Money Selling Drugs, the rapper opened up about his struggles with addiction. The song was featured on “Recovery,” an album that Eminem dedicated to his battle to overcome addictions to Vicodin, Valium, Ambien and methadone between 2002 and 2008. Eminem is celebrating another milestone in his recovery from addiction.

  • By the time he left rehab, Eminem weight had ballooned to 230 pounds.
  • Eminem acknowledged that all the pain he was feeling seemed to go away after taking the pill.
  • “Celebrated my 10 years yesterday,” he wrote alongside the image, in which he held a medallion up to the camera.
  • The American rapper, born Marshall Mathers, shared the achievement to his social media channels on April 20 — which, ironically, also happens to be considered the unofficial cannabis celebration day.

He started using them recreationally while on tour, and then they crept into other areas of his life. Eminem has opened up about his addiction and sobriety many times over the past fourteen years, but the most comprehensive interview he’s done on the subject is likely a Rolling Stone piece by Josh Eells from 2011. Not everyone has to do it the same way, however, and no one has to do it alone. Every individual can find something that works for them and their needs.

Eminem celebrates 12 years of sobriety: ‘I’m not afraid’

“If they didn’t even make the album on Relapse and I feel how I feel about Relapse, then that should tell you something.” Rosenberg recalled the Relapse track “Underground” as one of his favorites on the album and evidence that Eminem was “spitting like you were back at the hip-hop shop.” The song emphasises the rapper’s struggle to cope with fame after being discovered by Dr Dre in 1997. And according to the ‘Lose Yourself’ rapper, he even suffered a near-fatal overdose. Eminem’s followers on Twitter responded by sharing their own recovery journeys, and others — like Ellen DeGeneres — told him they were proud.

  • Then on the 19th and final track of Revival, titled “Arose,” Eminem continues the narrative of “Castle” by speaking directly to his daughter again, this time as final apologies from his deathbed.
  • The pair cited an unreleased song called “Detroit Basketball” that leaked at the time as an example of the kind of work Eminem produced immediately after his recovery that created some cause for concern.
  • “But sometimes it sucks, and I wish I was wired like a regular person and could go have a f—– drink.”
  • I also think Nas is one of the greatest ever,” Stephen A said in a clip of the interview that surfaced on social media on Friday (March 1).

His albums “Relapse” and “Recovery” deal with his addiction and his comeback. On the one Eminem posted on Instagram, the token has the Roman numeral ‘X’ in the centre of a triangle – which represents 10 years of being sober. They bear the circle and triangle symbol used by Alcoholics Anonymous with the words “unity”, “service” and “recovery”. The 45-year-old said running and working out was key to giving him endorphins, which also meant he managed to sleep. “Celebrated my 10 years yesterday,” he wrote alongside the image, in which he held a medallion up to the camera.

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Ultimately, Eminem credits his children for his recovery, including biological daughter Hailie Jade, 24, and his two adopted daughters, Alaina Marie (“Lainey”), 26, and Whitney, 17. He ended up taking so much that he collapsed at home and woke up in the hospital. Eminem said that being a father to his biological daughter, Hailie, and his two adopted daughters, Lainey and Whitney, was central to his motivation to get sober. “There might be [enough songs] but they’re terrible songs,” he added, clarifying there is no second Relapse project.

how long has eminem been sober

“All I remember was hitting the bathroom floor and waking up in the hospital,” he said. “The doctors told me I’d done the equivalent of four bags of heroin. The rapper, 47, announced on Instagram he’s 12 years sober, sharing a photo of his sobriety chip. Last year, the rapper, who was born Marshall Mathers, also acknowledged the anniversary of his sobriety, sharing a photo to Instagram in between his headlining sets at Coachella.

Eminem on Sobriety

“I got an addict’s brain, and when it came to running, I think I got a little carried away,” Eminem told Men’s Journal. After getting briefly clean and entering rehab in 2005, he suffered from an overdose at the end of 2007. He later found out that the pills he’d acquired from a friend sober rappers were methadone and were the equivalent of four bags of heroin. But how did the superstar rapper become clean, what’s his sobriety date and what is the significance of the AA or NA sobriety coin he posted? All the running eventually took a toll on his body and he tore his hip flexors.

how long has eminem been sober

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